Ukraine Mail Order Brides Fact Or Fiction Learn The Truth

When you say the words ‘Ukraine wife’ to someone, what is their first thought? What would your first thought be? I know what mine was – when a work colleague told me he was looking for a beautiful, young Ukrainian girl on the internet to make his wife one day, I thought to myself – “Is he really that desperate to need Ukraine mail order brides to ensure he got wed?”

In fact, that’s the first thing a lot of guys (and girls) think when you tell them you’re looking slightly further afield, for the next chapter in your love life. Some think it’s desperate, some think it’s not real, some even think it’s all a scam, designed to leave you penniless and heartbroken.

If you think this, if you are one of those people, you need to see things from a very different point of view. You need to see things from the point of view from someone that has actually been able to maintain a long distance relationship with someone I’ve never met for six months, before I travelled to her country to see her face to face.

Ukraine Dating Secrets With Natali From… by ukrainedatingsecrets

I then had another long distance relationship for one year before she came to see me. It was a further six months before we agreed to get engaged and the rest is history. Happily married with the family I never thought I’d have. I’m in my happy place and you could be too.

There’s a reason Ukraine women go on dating sites designed for American men. If you were gay, you’d join a gay dating website, right? If you’re not looking for a relationship, you’d go on a website designed for one night stands or illicit meetings.

If you’re looking for marriage, you’d go on a website where other people are also looking to get married. That’s essentially what the idea is behind the whole Ukraine mail order brides situation – the websites match up guys that want to get married with girls that want to get married. What’s so wrong about that?

American girls are a real pain in the ass. They are clingy, needy, possessive, need constant reassurance, are too co-dependent… You know what I’m saying – we’ve all had those girls that we couldn’t shake off when we realised they weren’t the ones for us.

Ukraine girls bring a little something different to the table because of the way they were brought up; their culture. They were brought up to be polite and respectful, to have manners at all times and to hold themselves with dignity and class. They are fiercely loyal women that won’t screw your best friend behind your back (cheers for that Abby!) and they won’t siphon your bank account like the gold diggers you’ve dated before.

They hold old-fashioned morals and want old-fashioned romance, and what’s so wrong with that? Isn’t that what dating is meant to be all about anyway? Look at the way our Grandparents used to date – they’d go out for months and sometimes even years before they actually slept together and there’s no difference between that and having a digital relationship with someone for that long before the big night happens.

He’d go out and earn the money and she’d perhaps have a part-time job, look after the kids and take care of your home. I’m all for women’s equality and I have no problems with my wife having whatever job or career she wanted, but I’m an old-fashioned guy and that’s just how I like it.

That’s exactly what these Ukraine girls are looking for. They want to be independent and stand on their own two feet and they can, but they also like to have you there for their protection, to give her the happy life that the drug-taking, alcoholic local men never could. Trust me – most Ukraine girls I’ve ever spoken to have an ex like that.

Before you jump to the conclusion that dating a Ukraine woman with the intentions of marrying her , smacks of desperation, it goes a lot further than that. It’s just about compatibility. And why shouldn’t I find these girls physically attractive at the same time. We all like what we like, right?

And finally, forget the notion that you can “order a mail order bride”, pay some membership fees and suddenly the woman of your dreams is yours. The term “mail order bride” is grossly insulting to any woman from Ukraine or anywhere else for that matter. Your Ukraine lady is just looking for security, love and loyalty, but she won’t give herself to you, just because you have some money. You will have to work much harder than that, but believe me, the rewards are phenomenal, if you stay the course.

Ukraine Dating Agency What Works What Does Not

About eighty percent of all Ukraine dating agency users will now use video chat as a form of communication to better get to know the exotic stunner they’re hoping to woo. There’s a reason this service is so popular, whether it’s a live chat option through the website itself or using another messaging platform like Skype or Viber, but it only works when you learn how to behave properly during the chat itself.

When you live chat or video chat with your potential new Ukrainian partner, you get a sense for who they really are. It’s easy to pretend to be someone or something else behind a text message or an instant message, but when it’s face to face as such, through a computer screen, it’s harder to not be yourself.

It’s easier to work out whether you have an actual connection when you are looking right at each other and when you are talking to each other. You can get to know each other better, and get a real feel for how the other person lives. On top of that, the relationship grows in a much more natural way than it possibly will do through instant messaging alone.

Some people aren’t cracked up to deal with a long distance relationship and the thing you need to remember is that these women you meet on the Ukraine dating agency are actually living in the Ukraine. These chats that you have are the only thing that will keep you going so if you’re not good at digital communication, you’re going to need to start getting good.

The other thing you may need to remember is that she may not always have internet access so make sure you always try to book these chats in advance. It gives you both a chance to get prepared for each other then – the two of you should think of this as a date so it makes sense to put a little bit of extra effort into it.

So, when you’re actually at the video chat part of the relationship, how are you meant to behave? You need to make an effort, put some smart (ish) clothes on and make sure your hair isn’t pointing up at all sorts of unusual angles, but what about the other do’s and don’ts for talking to those beautiful girls on the Ukraine dating agency website?


Don’t try to start getting sexual really early on. I made this mistake once and the conversation stopped. Not only that but she blocked me too. These girls are girls with morals and some of them are still virgins. Make sure you know she wants that kind of relationship before you start trying to take things to the next level – they won’t put up with a bit of dirty talk too soon like American girls. Trust me, I’ve learned this one the hard way.

Also, don’t swear. Most of these Ukraine ladies are classy/traditional and they don’t appreciate vulgar language. In fact, some of them won’t understand it, so you can imagine their horror when they try to look it up after you’ve finished your chat. Try to keep foul language to a minimum.


Pay her compliments. She keeps herself looking trim and in fact, most Ukrainian women pride themselves on having high standards. She wants you to realize the work she has done for you. Make sure that you recognize it or she’ll find someone else that will.

Also, make sure that you treat her with the same respect you’d want someone to show your mother. Generally, most Ukraine women will have very old-fashioned morals so if you try to do what you can get away with, with your local girls, you’re likely to lose her.

Ukraine women are fine beauties, that most men would only ever have the guts to admire from afar. It takes a very special kind of man to woo one – the question is, do you have what it takes?

You won’t know until you sign up and try for yourself so what are you waiting for?

The Truth About Ukraine Dating Websites Scam or Opportunity

I’m a perfect example of a Ukraine dating story going right. I dated a couple of girls, finally found the right girl for me, settled down, had some kids and now I’m living happily ever after. If I can do it, and let’s face it, my love life was a bit of a mess before Svetlana came along, you can do it. It’s just about doing it right.

Young women in ukrainian clothesThere is some truth behind the idea that Ukraine dating websites are just a scam, but it’s not all truth. There ARE scam artists circling these sites desperately trying to find the guy they can make a fool out of next. These bad guys, they do exist.

The real trick is knowing what they look like so you can avoid them if they ever come your way. Once you’ve nailed that, you’ve nailed the whole experience and trust me, there a whole bunch of ways they slip the game slip.

They normally message you first. They haven’t got time to wait for a cute guy to message them – they want to make as much money as possible, as quickly as they can.

The pictures will either be scarce, or be of professional quality, normally of a stunning young girl between the ages of 18 and 30. The idea is to attract your attention. Surely someone as beautiful as that couldn’t be interested in someone like you?

When you talk to each other the replies don’t seem to be all that personal Some, if not all of the questions you have asked her have gone unanswered. In fact, she doesn’t even make reference to your last letter or email sent. It’s as though she’s avoiding all your questions.

Of course, she could be avoiding your questions or….. this could be a template that she uses as part of the Ukraine dating website scam, sending the same thing out to guy after guy after guy. These days, the con artists are cleverer than to just use “stock” letters – generally you’ll get the more personalized service.

She’ll feel a ‘special connection’ to you from an early point. She may even tell you she loves you after just a short period of time. This does happen with GENUINE Ukraine dating stories sometimes but it could also be the sign of a scam. Generally, it will be within six weeks of first talking. She wants to reel you in and get your money as soon as possible. I am assuming she’s a she. Sometimes it’s a guy. That’s the problem – you can never be one hundred percent sure.

Although there are risks associated with Ukraine dating online, the benefits far outweigh them. Once you find the love of your life (and many of us do) you can go on and live your life how you want to, not putting things on hold because you haven’t yet found the right woman to have children with. She’s either focusing on her career or between jobs or still out partying or… You could come up with a thousand reasons why your last girlfriends weren’t good enough to go all the way.

Ukraine dating websites are perfect if you’re ready to settle down and have kids. You just need to know how to use them properly. Just take a peek at any of the forums out there dedicated to the cause of Ukraine dating online. There are hundreds of success stories – men like me that have met the jackpot and found their happy ever after. Some of these guys are still with their Ukraine brides many, many years later. These guys, just like me, are living proof that Ukraine dating websites aren’t just one big scam. With the right knowledge and an open mind, you too could hit the jackpot with a little help from the internet!

Secrets You Must Know About Ukraine Women

Do you think you know Ukraine women enough to just go online, start talking to one and hope that one of them will fall in love with you? Think again buddy – dating doesn’t work like that for these stunning lovelies. Oh no – you’re going to need to put in a lot more hard work than that if you’re hoping to find the happy ever after you’ve been craving all these years. You’ve screwed up enough relationships with American girls; don’t blow it with the Ukraine girls too.

In my experience, Ukraine dating is very similar to ‘regular’ dating, as in dating of the girls local to you. At the same time, however, it is very different. You know the things you’re expected to do with the American girls – buy them flowers, pay them compliments, take them out on dates to nice restaurants and woo them with respect, kindness and old fashion manners and morals?

Well, you actually have to show these Ukraine women that you can actually do those things. They expect it and if you don’t deliver, they won’t just have a very public and very humiliating fight with you like US girls will. They’ll just walk away. If they wanted that kind of behaviour, they’d stick with the Ukraine men they were trying their hardest to steer well clear of.

Chances are, behind several Ukraine woman on these dating websites is a story of woe. A story of a guy that didn’t treat her right or an absent father leaving her and her mother alone to fend for themselves. Men don’t treat women with respect in their culture and that is the one thing they crave the most.

This means that when you speak to them, you need to speak to them with respect. Spell-check your messages and read it back so that you are sure it makes sense. Remember that she’s probably going to need to translate this letter so it’s well worth putting it through a translation service website first to make sure it makes sense both sides of the language barrier. You don’t want any embarrassing misunderstandings, do you?

Some of the women I spoke to, confided in me that they were receiving up to a hundred messages weekly form various men on these Ukraine dating websites and towards the end, they were only looking at the ones with a catchy subtitle for the message itself. Make the first line or subject heading as interesting as you can – the more eye-catching it is, the higher the chance she’s going to read it.

It takes a special kind of guy and a special kind of message to capture her attention and her heart, so try to come up with something that will make her smile or giggle, and don’t just focus it all on her looks!

There are three steps to getting the first stage in communication right – you need to make it interesting enough to catch her eye but not so complicated that it confuses her. It needs to be simple because of that language barrier, yet humorous enough to make her laugh a little. Thirdly, you need to make sure that she feels special so try to at least throw a compliment her way. If you do these three things in your first message, and combine it with a great profile, you have a bigger chance of her writing back. You now have your foot in the door and the rest of the romance is down to you… How will you write it out?

Learn The Truth Behind Ukraine Dating Sites

Beautiful woman faceBefore you sign up to those Ukraine dating sites you’re looking at, you should probably stop and think about a couple of things. Firstly, are you ready for this? Are you really ready for this? These women are looking to get married and have a family, settle down and have a happy life. They are just looking for a guy… a guy like you. Are you ready to settle down and provide for this woman? Emotionally provide, physically provide and financially provide?

Ukraine women are the most loyal and beautiful women you’ll ever come across. When you sign up to these dating websites, you’ll find women with tall, slender bodies and beautiful, flowing hair. There are very few tattoos and piercings in sight, if you’re sick of the local American ‘cuisine’. They won’t mess around and play games. They know what they want and they know how to get it, that’s why they are on those websites in the first place.

The problem is a lot of western guys go on these websites with the idea in place that these Ukraine women are ones that can be bought. They can’t be bought, not with money anyway. They want you to be able to financially support them when they need it, not be a Sugar Daddy. These are girls that need sensitivity in order to be won over, they need respect and understanding. They need a patient guy that is willing to work through the language barrier that may be there at first, and the distance barrier too.

This is going to be a long distance relationship for a while, sometimes a long while, and that’s something you’re going to need to come to terms with. Would you really want her to uproot her entire life for you if she wasn’t quite sure? Leave her family and friends behind? Leave everything she knows back home while she tries to start a new life with you in a new country where there are new traditions and cultures to get her head around?

Ukraine women often complain that their local men, Ukrainian men, are very impolite to them. This should tell you that she is looking for someone that WILL be polite to her – treat her with respect, not just expect her to get her kit off for anyone, so to speak. They need a man that is going to be kind and gentle, yet firm enough to protect her should she need it. Are you that kind of guy? Because if you’re not, there’s a good chance you won’t find the love of your life on these dating websites. It’s likely you’re going to face a lot of rejection.

Ukraine women are conservative women so a bit of flirty banter needs to be just a bit of flirty banter. You can’t put it on too strong right at the beginning – this is a woman you’ll need to take things nice and slow with. She’s going to expect you to be monogamous to her too. You shouldn’t start dating her unless you’re sure there’s nothing else going on back home. Don’t be getting your rocks off with some silly American girl while you’re trying to win the heart of this stunning Ukraine woman. Would you want her to treat you like that?

Ukraine men don’t treat their women with respect and these women are making a stand by putting themselves on international dating websites to find guys just like you. She wants a man that will look after her, look out for her, and treat her with the respect she deserves. If you’re not that guy, Ukraine dating websites are not the answer. And that’s the truth!

Interested In Meeting Ukraine Women Online Secrets Revealed

When I first started trying to date Ukraine women online, I made so many mistakes it wasn’t even funny. I went into things thinking I could woo these girls over in the same way that I woo the American girls local to me – cheap puns, flirty banter and a bit of witty humour. It turns out, seducing a Ukraine girl via the internet isn’t as easy as all that…

When I met Aida, I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. She was the first Ukrainian girl I spoke to online and in some ways, I wasn’t really that nice to her. No wonder the brief flirtation only lasted for a few weeks before it fizzled out.

There was a language barrier for a start, and this is something you’ll need to comer to terms with too. She didn’t understand my witty humour and making puns about the lads in the bar on a Friday night really didn’t sit well with her. I misinterpreted her when she said she was looking for someone to take care of her. I thought she meant financially. It turns out, that’s not all they are after.

See the thing is you hear so many scare stories about Ukraine dating scams that after a while, you believe every woman you talk to is out to get you. This is not the case. I don’t think I’ve ever met a scammer online but it took me a few months to get my head around the idea that these women might actually just want to talk to me.

See, I was a tad overweight. Not heavily obese; just a bit plump around the edges. I believed that all the other guys were six foot tall, heavily built guys with rippling arm muscles and abs that I could only dream of. Aida was so sweet to me, sending me screenshots of other guys that had been messaging her, and I realised that I wasn’t the worst guy on the site. I probably wasn’t the best but it really helped to boost my confidence.

At this point, I started talking to a whole bunch of girls, one of which it turned out Aida knew. That ruined any potential bond I had with that Ukraine beauty. She was under the impression that I was only talking to her and if I’m honest, I didn’t do much to steer her mind away from this. Once she had found out I was talking to other girls, she didn’t want anything more to do with me and she even blocked me from the site.

That’s the first lesson I ever learned about Ukraine dating – it’s not a case of “I can get away with it because I’m behind a computer screen” because these girls aren’t stupid. Some of them do live close to each other and some of them may even be friends. Don’t think you can get away with playing them – even though you are far away, they can still catch you out.

These Ukraine girls demand to be treated with respect and quite rightly too. What happened to the day of old-school romance, and relationships that involved compromise over fighting and game-playing? If it’s old-school you’re looking for, it’s an old-school approach that you’re going to need to take. It really is as simple as that.

At Last The Truth About Dating Ukraine Women

Right guys, it’s time for a lesson you should remember. It’s time for a lesson in the REALITY behind talking to these beautiful women – those Ukraine women you hope to date. You’ve heard the good stuff and the bad stuff – the scams and the happy ever after’s. Now you want the truth.

Latin WomanI’ve spoken to a few Ukraine women in my time and although I’m happily married now to a woman that not only rocks my world but my bed too, providing me with a family I couldn’t be happier with, in a home that is always clean and tidy and well cared for. I almost blew it with Svetlana, and I did blow it with a number of other girls before her.

Do you want the truth about dating Ukraine women? The real truth? The ugly truth? Are you sure you’re even ready for it?

Ukraine women are easily offended if you aren’t intelligent enough to hold a decent conversation with them. I learned this early on. I also learned that Russia and Ukraine are two very different places and you should NEVER EVER think they are the same place, let alone say that to one of the girls you wish to date. There are a lot of differences including traditions and cultures, and can be the start of a whole bunch of misunderstandings.

Before you start talking to one of these women, before you even begin to sign up to that Ukraine dating website, make sure you do your research. At least have a quick look on the internet to find out more about the country these girls were born and grew up in.

Do you want to know what else really seems to offend them? Assuming they are just looking for a rich husband to take care of them. When I first started dating Ukraine women, I assumed it was my money and my status (I was pretty high up in the company and earned a good pay check) that she would be impressed by and it’s not that at all. It’s easy to assume it’s that with all the stuff you will have ready about Ukraine mail order brides, but this is a really old-fashioned notion and isn’t one that sits well with these exotic beauties.

My wife has a good career as a beautician and she earns only a little less than what I earn. Plus she manages to keep my house clean and take care of my children. She has built herself her own little empire and she very rarely calls on me for anything she needs. So that’s the whole rich-husband wish out the window. My wife costs me and did cost me very little 🙂

Oh, they don’t like the “L-word” too early on either. Love, I mean. The words “I love you” are something that aren’t easily thrown around by these Ukrainian women, and they will only say it to you when they really, truly mean it. This means you could go forever waiting for her to say it… I did. Don’t try and throw the love thing in too soon. They won’t like it and it just makes you come across desperate and needy. Plus, don’t ever say it if you don’t mean it. Or if you aren’t sure. Why would you break her heart like that? She’s not stupid and she will know as soon as she meets you.

Ukraine women can be difficult, but in my experience, they are well worth it. In fact, I wouldn’t even go as far as to say they were difficult women – they are just women that know what they want and won’t settle for anything less than they deserve, and quite rightly too!