The Truth About Ukraine Dating Websites Scam or Opportunity

I’m a perfect example of a Ukraine dating story going right. I dated a couple of girls, finally found the right girl for me, settled down, had some kids and now I’m living happily ever after. If I can do it, and let’s face it, my love life was a bit of a mess before Svetlana came along, you can do it. It’s just about doing it right.

Young women in ukrainian clothesThere is some truth behind the idea that Ukraine dating websites are just a scam, but it’s not all truth. There ARE scam artists circling these sites desperately trying to find the guy they can make a fool out of next. These bad guys, they do exist.

The real trick is knowing what they look like so you can avoid them if they ever come your way. Once you’ve nailed that, you’ve nailed the whole experience and trust me, there a whole bunch of ways they slip the game slip.

They normally message you first. They haven’t got time to wait for a cute guy to message them – they want to make as much money as possible, as quickly as they can.

The pictures will either be scarce, or be of professional quality, normally of a stunning young girl between the ages of 18 and 30. The idea is to attract your attention. Surely someone as beautiful as that couldn’t be interested in someone like you?

When you talk to each other the replies don’t seem to be all that personal Some, if not all of the questions you have asked her have gone unanswered. In fact, she doesn’t even make reference to your last letter or email sent. It’s as though she’s avoiding all your questions.

Of course, she could be avoiding your questions or….. this could be a template that she uses as part of the Ukraine dating website scam, sending the same thing out to guy after guy after guy. These days, the con artists are cleverer than to just use “stock” letters – generally you’ll get the more personalized service.

She’ll feel a ‘special connection’ to you from an early point. She may even tell you she loves you after just a short period of time. This does happen with GENUINE Ukraine dating stories sometimes but it could also be the sign of a scam. Generally, it will be within six weeks of first talking. She wants to reel you in and get your money as soon as possible. I am assuming she’s a she. Sometimes it’s a guy. That’s the problem – you can never be one hundred percent sure.

Although there are risks associated with Ukraine dating online, the benefits far outweigh them. Once you find the love of your life (and many of us do) you can go on and live your life how you want to, not putting things on hold because you haven’t yet found the right woman to have children with. She’s either focusing on her career or between jobs or still out partying or… You could come up with a thousand reasons why your last girlfriends weren’t good enough to go all the way.

Ukraine dating websites are perfect if you’re ready to settle down and have kids. You just need to know how to use them properly. Just take a peek at any of the forums out there dedicated to the cause of Ukraine dating online. There are hundreds of success stories – men like me that have met the jackpot and found their happy ever after. Some of these guys are still with their Ukraine brides many, many years later. These guys, just like me, are living proof that Ukraine dating websites aren’t just one big scam. With the right knowledge and an open mind, you too could hit the jackpot with a little help from the internet!