About Me

I’m a guy in his late thirties and recently, I’ve started to think about my life a little differently. I’ve worked hard for a lot of years and I’ve built up quite the home and quite the bank balance, as well as having the benefit of being able to spend time away from work when I need to. What perfect time could there be to start looking for true love with the hope that I could settle down, get married, and start the family I actually didn’t think I wanted.

After a few years of dating in America, I decided that I would look slightly further afield. I’d had enough of trying to interpret what women meant versus what they said. I was sick of the girls that told me they were willing to settle down with me only to sleep around with someone at the office. I was sick of all of that. I wanted a wife.

Sadly, regular dating sites don’t really let you put that kind of thing because it looks desperate and seedy. No one wants to date the guy that says “Looking for someone to marry” because it looks as if anyone will do, right? That’s what girls told me anyway. I needed to play it cool and be the mean guy. The truth of the matter was, it didn’t matter if I was mean or nice to girls, I still didn’t get the end result.

It was by chance that I happened to stumble on a TV Show about Ukraine brides and it really sparked my interest. The exotic and international women on the TV screen were beautiful than any other women I’ve ever seen before – all of them! There wasn’t a single one of them I would have kicked out of my bed and it really got me thinking – was Ukraine dating the right way forward for me?

I signed up to a Ukraine dating website and started to have a look around. I noticed a few things which hindered my progress at the start, and thankfully, you’ll find out all about these in the course of the blog. In fact, that’s why I decided to start it. After a few shaky starts, I finally found the girl of my dreams and with a poke in the right direction, you could too.

These are women looking for marriage. They are ready to settle down and make their men happy. They are ready to start a family and be the woman they’d always dreamed of being. The only problem with this (from what I have learned) is that a lot of men in Ukraine don’t treat their women very well. It’s such a shame really because these are some of the most generous, loving and loyal women you’ll ever meet.

Their loss is our gain, right?

Despite my shaky start, I’ve never looked back since starting my Ukraine dating experience. I found and chatted to some lovely ladies, all of which opened my eyes to how other areas of the world loved their lives. I learned a new language (well, kind of) and I met some fabulous people. It didn’t take me long before I met Svetlana and honestly, after three years of marriage and one beautiful child, I can honestly say I’ve never been happier.

That’s the thing about Ukraine dating. Once you’ve finished playing games and scoring easy women on Friday nights, you realise that sometimes it’s just easier to find someone that is reading from the same page as you are – the page of marriage, love and a happy ever after. Isn’t that what we’re all looking for anyway? That’s what these Ukraine brides-to-be are looking for. If you are too, what’s stopping you?

If you’re interested in Ukraine dating, or just fancy trying something new in order to find the love of your life, have a read of the blog. You can learn from the mistakes I made over the time it took me to find my one true love. You too could be happily married just like me!