Ukraine Mail Order Brides Fact Or Fiction Learn The Truth

When you say the words ‘Ukraine wife’ to someone, what is their first thought? What would your first thought be? I know what mine was – when a work colleague told me he was looking for a beautiful, young Ukrainian girl on the internet to make his wife one day, I thought to myself – “Is he really that desperate to need Ukraine mail order brides to ensure he got wed?”

In fact, that’s the first thing a lot of guys (and girls) think when you tell them you’re looking slightly further afield, for the next chapter in your love life. Some think it’s desperate, some think it’s not real, some even think it’s all a scam, designed to leave you penniless and heartbroken.

If you think this, if you are one of those people, you need to see things from a very different point of view. You need to see things from the point of view from someone that has actually been able to maintain a long distance relationship with someone I’ve never met for six months, before I travelled to her country to see her face to face.

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I then had another long distance relationship for one year before she came to see me. It was a further six months before we agreed to get engaged and the rest is history. Happily married with the family I never thought I’d have. I’m in my happy place and you could be too.

There’s a reason Ukraine women go on dating sites designed for American men. If you were gay, you’d join a gay dating website, right? If you’re not looking for a relationship, you’d go on a website designed for one night stands or illicit meetings.

If you’re looking for marriage, you’d go on a website where other people are also looking to get married. That’s essentially what the idea is behind the whole Ukraine mail order brides situation – the websites match up guys that want to get married with girls that want to get married. What’s so wrong about that?

American girls are a real pain in the ass. They are clingy, needy, possessive, need constant reassurance, are too co-dependent… You know what I’m saying – we’ve all had those girls that we couldn’t shake off when we realised they weren’t the ones for us.

Ukraine girls bring a little something different to the table because of the way they were brought up; their culture. They were brought up to be polite and respectful, to have manners at all times and to hold themselves with dignity and class. They are fiercely loyal women that won’t screw your best friend behind your back (cheers for that Abby!) and they won’t siphon your bank account like the gold diggers you’ve dated before.

They hold old-fashioned morals and want old-fashioned romance, and what’s so wrong with that? Isn’t that what dating is meant to be all about anyway? Look at the way our Grandparents used to date – they’d go out for months and sometimes even years before they actually slept together and there’s no difference between that and having a digital relationship with someone for that long before the big night happens.

He’d go out and earn the money and she’d perhaps have a part-time job, look after the kids and take care of your home. I’m all for women’s equality and I have no problems with my wife having whatever job or career she wanted, but I’m an old-fashioned guy and that’s just how I like it.

That’s exactly what these Ukraine girls are looking for. They want to be independent and stand on their own two feet and they can, but they also like to have you there for their protection, to give her the happy life that the drug-taking, alcoholic local men never could. Trust me – most Ukraine girls I’ve ever spoken to have an ex like that.

Before you jump to the conclusion that dating a Ukraine woman with the intentions of marrying her , smacks of desperation, it goes a lot further than that. It’s just about compatibility. And why shouldn’t I find these girls physically attractive at the same time. We all like what we like, right?

And finally, forget the notion that you can “order a mail order bride”, pay some membership fees and suddenly the woman of your dreams is yours. The term “mail order bride” is grossly insulting to any woman from Ukraine or anywhere else for that matter. Your Ukraine lady is just looking for security, love and loyalty, but she won’t give herself to you, just because you have some money. You will have to work much harder than that, but believe me, the rewards are phenomenal, if you stay the course.