Secrets You Must Know About Ukraine Women

Do you think you know Ukraine women enough to just go online, start talking to one and hope that one of them will fall in love with you? Think again buddy – dating doesn’t work like that for these stunning lovelies. Oh no – you’re going to need to put in a lot more hard work than that if you’re hoping to find the happy ever after you’ve been craving all these years. You’ve screwed up enough relationships with American girls; don’t blow it with the Ukraine girls too.

In my experience, Ukraine dating is very similar to ‘regular’ dating, as in dating of the girls local to you. At the same time, however, it is very different. You know the things you’re expected to do with the American girls – buy them flowers, pay them compliments, take them out on dates to nice restaurants and woo them with respect, kindness and old fashion manners and morals?

Well, you actually have to show these Ukraine women that you can actually do those things. They expect it and if you don’t deliver, they won’t just have a very public and very humiliating fight with you like US girls will. They’ll just walk away. If they wanted that kind of behaviour, they’d stick with the Ukraine men they were trying their hardest to steer well clear of.

Chances are, behind several Ukraine woman on these dating websites is a story of woe. A story of a guy that didn’t treat her right or an absent father leaving her and her mother alone to fend for themselves. Men don’t treat women with respect in their culture and that is the one thing they crave the most.

This means that when you speak to them, you need to speak to them with respect. Spell-check your messages and read it back so that you are sure it makes sense. Remember that she’s probably going to need to translate this letter so it’s well worth putting it through a translation service website first to make sure it makes sense both sides of the language barrier. You don’t want any embarrassing misunderstandings, do you?

Some of the women I spoke to, confided in me that they were receiving up to a hundred messages weekly form various men on these Ukraine dating websites and towards the end, they were only looking at the ones with a catchy subtitle for the message itself. Make the first line or subject heading as interesting as you can – the more eye-catching it is, the higher the chance she’s going to read it.

It takes a special kind of guy and a special kind of message to capture her attention and her heart, so try to come up with something that will make her smile or giggle, and don’t just focus it all on her looks!

There are three steps to getting the first stage in communication right – you need to make it interesting enough to catch her eye but not so complicated that it confuses her. It needs to be simple because of that language barrier, yet humorous enough to make her laugh a little. Thirdly, you need to make sure that she feels special so try to at least throw a compliment her way. If you do these three things in your first message, and combine it with a great profile, you have a bigger chance of her writing back. You now have your foot in the door and the rest of the romance is down to you… How will you write it out?