What You Need To Know About Ukraine American Dating

It’s your profile that stands out more than your pictures will when it comes to Ukraine American dating. These girls, they’ve probably seen it all already. They’ve already been approached by hundreds of guys with rippling abs and bulging biceps and that’s fine – these guys might look good but they can’t always provide these women with everything they need.

Beautiful fashion womanOne of my Ukraine ‘girlfriends’, Aida, once told me that she was drawn to my profile because it had made her laugh. I decided to go with the comedy approach to my profile and ‘About Me’ section, filling the space with witty little one-liners that were easy to understand on both sides of the ocean. My profile pictures were funny ones – ones of me either dressed up or pulling a silly face. There were a couple of more serious ones on there too, of course, but it just goes to show that it’s not all about the looks.

In order to make yourself appear a ‘catch’ to those beautiful Ukraine women, you need to believe your American ass is a catch! If you have no faith in your own ability to be a good lover, provider, protector, how can you expect her to have any faith in your ability? Don’t brag but at the same time, there have got to be a few things you’ve done in your life that you’re proud of. Show off those skills you have. That’s what she wants to see.

You also need to be honest. When I started ‘digitally dating’ Svetlana (my now-wife), I made myself out to be a lot trimmer than I actually was. I actually made myself out to be more important at my workplace than I was. She laughed about it when she found out but not all Ukraine women would have been so forgiving. In fact, I found a rare gem in Svetlana. Most Ukrainian girls aren’t so forgiving. They don’t like being lied to – another lesson I found out the hard way.

You should also be realistic. These are women that want to live a certain way – they want to be stable and secure in a home with you, for you to be their knight in shining armor as such, and if you can’t provide such a lifestyle, you should make her aware. You are expecting her to leave her family and friends and drop everything for a new life with you in your country… The least you could do is be honest and set realistic expectations for her life with you.

I’ve already mentioned that having a sense of humor about things is a great idea but honestly, I can’t stress the importance of this enough. A good sense of humor will permeate through even the toughest of language barriers and a smile or a laugh can work wonders for your sex appeal.

If you aren’t using a translator when talking to your new Ukraine beauty and are relying instead on the help of translation services, always translate the letter or message before you send it to make sure that it can be misconceived the wrong way. Obviously shorter messages don’t call for such a thing but with longer ones, it’s easy to misread what someone is saying when there are no eyes to look into for clarification, or no mouth to check whether a smile is present.

Ukraine American dating isn’t really that difficult once you get the hang of it. It’s learning the differences between the culture of these beautiful exotic women and the culture of the women you are used to dating. Once you’ve gotten over that, you’re already halfway there!

Ukraine Dating Scams How Not To Get Burned

As much as I’d love to tell you that your Ukraine dating journey will be a great one – that you’ll find the love of your life within ten minutes of being online and within just a year of first talking to her, you’d be married with one baby on the way – life doesn’t always pan out quite like that. As much as finding a Ukraine bride can be the best thing that ever happens to you, there might be a few bumps along the way. Have you even spared a thought to the new scam – the Ukraine dating scam?

“Hey! It’s been a really bad day. My car broke down and I couldn’t get to work. My boss is going to fire me if I can’t make it to work tomorrow and I can’t afford to get my car fixed. I don’t know what to do…”

beautiful female modelI was talking to a girl called Alena for about three and a half months before this message popped up on my screen and my heart sunk the second I read it. She was a scam artist. Do you know how I knew this? Because I was smart, I had done my research before I went looking.

With the average scam artist, this Ukraine girl will look like the real deal. You’ve seen a whole bunch of photos of her doing various things and you’ve spoken to her on the phone once too. You couldn’t video chat with her because she can’t really afford a new web cam right now and in fact, she actually hinted at you to send her some money so that she could.

Things start to go wrong. Her car will break down or her fridge will break. She won’t be able to afford medical care for herself or a loved one. There will be reasons why she needs money and they all seem perfectly feasible to you. You go to type your banks name into your web browser to initiate the transfer of money….


He or she could be part of an elaborate con to lure trusting foreigners in and scam them out of their hard earned cash. It could be some forty year old Russian guy that’s just looking to make himself a few bucks and he got you to talk to one of his friends with the agreement that she would get a percentage out of whatever money he earns.

Her monetary needs could be down to any number of reasons… She might need travel documents or money for air fares, so she can come and see you. These are trips she’ll never quite make for one reason or another – her car broken down on the way to the airport and she missed her flight or her mother had a heart attack or fell down the stairs.

She might need help to pay off a loan shark she has found herself in trouble with, or need money to put on her cell phone so that she can talk to you. Or she might need regular ‘pocket money’ from you in order to keep going to that internet cafe that funnily enough, doesn’t have a single webcam within it.

Think about it – there’s a reason you haven’t spoken to her ‘face to face’ as yet. There’s a reason she needs that money. There’s a reason she never makes that trip. It’s because it’s a con. It’s not real. You’re not talking to some beautiful Ukrainian woman that you have every intention of marrying, you’re talking to someone behind a Ukraine dating scam.

There are many ways that you can avoid this from happening. For a start, don’t send money to a complete stranger. Think about it – what advice would you give to someone else standing in your shoes right now? You’d be cynical too, right?

Make sure you ask questions. Take a look at her Facebook page. Reverse search her cell phone number or simply do a Google search for her. If she exists, there’s a good chance she’ll be out there somewhere… Have you ever Google’d yourself?

The smarter you are, the less likely you will fall for one of these nasty Ukraine dating scams. Trust me – it’s all about keeping your eyes and ears peeled. If it’s uncomfortable for you or going in a direction you don’t feel right with, don’t do it. You should never feel pressured into giving anyone any money!